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The trapper education safety certificate cannot be used to purchase a hunting license in Michigan.  Individuals must complete a Michigan hunter education course (traditional or field day) to purchase a hunting license in Michigan.  

The main purpose of the trapper education course is to help individuals acquire the knowledge, skill, attitude, and judgment to selectively and responsibly trap furbearing animals. Topics covered include understanding wildlife management, wildlife identification, various trapping techniques, ethics, laws and regulations. 

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Trapper education is not required in Michigan; however, some states and provinces require a valid trapper education certification. The Michigan trapper education certificate meets the trapper education requirements of those states and provinces. Michigan’s trapper education course is taught by a dedicated core of certified volunteer instructors and Michigan conservation officers. 

About the Class: 
  • In person, traditional classroom setting including hands on training 
  • Minimum of 8 hours 
  • Written test (80% or better to pass) and practice assessment (pass/fail) 
  • Maximum $10 fee 
  • No minimum age requirement; however, students under 10 years of age shall be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other adult approved by parent or legal guardian. 
Managed & Approved by:

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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